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The song paints a silly picture of a devious, scary creature, but when the real Cruella arrives it is clear that she is even worse than described. Near the end of the film, the song is heard on the radio as the Radcliffes prepare for a dismal Christmas without their pet dalmatians. Newspaperman Joe Carder John Davidson urges the citizens of a Nebraska town to move north and settle in the rolling hills of Dakota, and the crowd soon joins in, singing about the land of opportunity soon to be admitted to the union.

The Richard M. Mel Leven wrote the short, sprightly number, which concludes the film on a silly and joyful note. She takes up their cause and joins them in the vibrant song and dance. In a rehearsal hall in Barcelona, the four American girls go through some elegant Spanish dance footwork, but the song Andew Seeley and Belinda sing on the soundtrack is more lite-rock than Latin. Walt Disney was fascinated with the idea of animating a sequence in which two lovers dance on the clouds. He decided to put this idea to the test while assembling his story boards for Cinderella.

The song has a haunting melody and a transporting lyric for the two to sing upon their first meeting, and soon the twosome waltz through the stars atop a dance floor of clouds. The visual idea did not reach fruition until the finale of the animated movie Sleeping Beauty in In the song of yearning, Ariel dreams of dancing to the songs that are in her heart, knowing she would be a wonderful dancer if only she had legs. Later in the episode she reprises the number with the mute mermaid Gabriella, who uses sign language to express her thoughts about dancing.

The theme song, sung by a chorus over the opening credits, celebrates the master of disguise who protects the city of St. Sebastian the Crab has staged a performance for King Triton and the royal sisters sing about who they are, all mermaids whose names begin with an A. When they introduce Ariel, the youngest princess is not there, and both the king and Sebastian are furious.

The Home of the Last Tsar - Romanov and Russian History

In the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid, the song, by Alan Menken music and Howard Ashman lyric , was also performed by the mermaids or mersisters. King Saul Martin Vidnovic loses his kingdom because he did not follow the word of the Lord, and the chorus, led by Samuel Peter Samuel and Jonathan Roger Bart , sings this high-powered number in judgment of their former king. Donald voice of Clarence Nash dreams that he works in a munitions factory in Nazi Germany, where he is bombarded by the patriotic song that hails Hitler every time you turn around.

He finally awakes to find himself in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, thrilled to be an American citizen. The John Scott Trotter Orchestra, with trombonist Spike Jones, recorded the song while the film was in production, but Jones thought the rendition too tame. He formed his own band, the City Slickers, and they made a raucous recording of their own. Armando Dominguez wrote the chanting, nearly wordless song about fate, and it is sung on the soundtrack by Dora Luz while a female figure pursues a male statue over a landscape of surreal monuments and shadows.

Although work began on the movie in , it was abandoned by the end of the decade, and it was Roy E. Disney who years later completed the small, weird masterwork and had it shown at an international film festival in Sherman wrote the march-tempo number, which Angie sings to his sweetheart, Cordelia Leslie Ann Warren , as they ride in his new automobile, confessing his dream of going to Detroit someday and making his name.

She reprises the number a bit later in the film, reminding Angie of his dream, and the two of them sing parts of the song again when they decide to elope and go to Detroit. Phil Collins wrote the clever duet, which is as funny as it is romantic. The group D-Tent Boyz made a music video of the number.

Friedman wrote the catchy, silly number, using the vocal background sounds Lebo M and Johnny Clegg created for the original The Lion King The kitten Ambrose, who likes to pretend to be a Wild West outlaw, runs away from home at bath time and meets the real bandit Dirty Bill voice of Billy Bletcher. When Ambrose asks Bill if he ever bathes, the outlaw answers with this merry ditty, a pledge to remain forever unwashed, and Ambrose joins in singing the number.

Tom Snow music and Dean Pitchford lyric wrote the rhythmic song, which promises thrills, chills, and spills in the action-packed cartoons to follow. The sinister pipe organ Forte voice of Tim Curry wants to remain as he is and tries to dissuade the Beast from having tender feelings for Belle by singing this heavy number. The music is a pastiche of a ponderous baroque organ piece, and the lyric argues that it is best to be alone and not emotionally involved with anything or anyone.

Rooney Chad McNamara , Deedee Lisa Lennox , and Moe Doodle Jonathan Wexler sing the peppy number at the opening of each show, introducing themselves and inviting viewers to join them for musical adventure. Fred Newman and Dan Sawyer wrote the lyric-less number filled with easygoing scat singing, vocal sounds, whistling, and even everyday sound effects. It was written for the Nickelodeon series Doug, which premiered in Doug and the theme song was retained.

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Songwriter Gabriel sings the gentle Oscar-nominated pop song on the soundtrack, pleading for people to stop taking the planet for granted and to make an effort to save the environment. On the day that her baby daughter, Melody, is to be presented to King Triton and other inhabitants of the sea, Ariel voice of Jodi Benson sings a lullaby to the child, then her husband Prince Eric Rob Paulsen takes them both aboard a ship for the ceremony.

Both humans and land and sea creatures prepare for the festivities in song, and the crab Sebastian Samuel E. Wright leads them all in this calypsoflavored number about everyone gathering together to cheer the baby princess. Grandpa Bower Walter Brennan sings the rhythmic number to the children in a one-room schoolhouse, beating out the pattern with his hands on the desks and telling the tale of the brave youth who kept beating his drum throughout the battle.

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Mark Mueller wrote the bouncy pop-rock song about how every day in Duckburg brings a new adventure, and it is sung on the soundtrack over the opening sequence of each show. The merry circuslike number, welcoming everyone to a show like no other, is sung by a chorus over the opening sequence in which larger-than-life puppets of Dumbo and his friends arrive in circus wagons and set up for a new episode.

The seven little men sing, dance, and accompany themselves on makeshift instruments as they entertain Snow White in their cottage after dinner. The song consists of jokes with no meaning, sing-along sections, and high-flying yodeling.


Tigger voice of Jim Cummings sings the number to the kangaroo Roo Jimmy Bennett , who is too young to remember his first Easter. Roo later reprises the song, at a slower tempo, as he sits in bed and makes an Easter card for Rabbit. At the end of the film, Rabbit Ken Sansom and the other characters in the Hundred Acre Wood sing it once again after Rabbit has learned that the holiday is about having fun, not about having Easter rules.

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  7. Although she loves the Egyptian captain Radames Adam Pascal , Aida knows she must work to help free her fellow Nubians from Egyptian slavery. Forgetting him will be easy, she argues, until she thinks of how much she loves Radames. Tina Turner recorded the song before Aida opened on Broadway. James points out that they are, in fact, riding on their dinner, and all sing this jolly list song about their favorite foods as they munch on the peach.

    The happy bluegrass number, complete with whistling and rhythmic guitar, is sung by a male trio over the opening credits.

    The lyric introduces the twins and argues that life is a learning game, so viewers should use their heads like the twins do. Sherman for the film fantasy Bedknobs and Broomsticks The charlatan magician Professor Brown David Tomlinson sings the peppy, march-tempo number to Miss Price, proclaiming her wondrous talents and trying to get her to go into show business with him. Miss Price responds in song, saying her magic is for more important things, such as the war effort in The Egyptian captain Radames Adam Pascal and the Nubian princess Aida Heather Headley find the world complicated with ambition and pretense but believe that their love is simple and pure and they can avoid the elaborate snares in life.

    The two lovers reprise the ballad near the end of the musical when they are sentenced to die by being entombed together. Headley made a solo recording of the ballad before the musical opened on Broadway, and there was a later duet version by Vanessa A. Jones and Sean McDermott. Sammy Fain music and Sammy Cahn lyric wrote the jolly number about the talents of Captain Hook, and it is sung by the pirates on board their ship as they celebrate the capture of Wendy, Michael, John, and the Lost Boys. The silly hornpipe dance that follows nearly convinces the boys to sign up and become pirates until Wendy reminds them that Peter is sure to rescue them all.

    Lee Wilkof and Gregory Jbara made a playful duet recording of the song. Throughout the tale, about a puny little elephant named Goliath II who tries to prove to his father, Goliath, that he can be brave, the elephant herd goes on the march and is accompanied by this memorable musical piece in which trombones and tubas make the sounds for the moving elephants. The music was popular with marching bands for many years.

    A chorus sings the pastiche college fight song while Kuzco, the self-centered emperor with attitude, is seen bouncing around the school campus trying to keep all the focus on himself. Aida argues that he can change his fate, whereas she is a slave and cannot. The poignant duet links the two very different people and paves the way for their love story. At the end of the musical, Radames and Aida reprise the song as they are entombed together to die.

    Dru Hill recorded the song before Aida opened on Broadway. The spirited number claims that the best way to solve your curiosity about anything in the world is to open the encyclopedia.

    Tatiana Romanov: The Grand Duchess Overshadowed By Anastasia

    He is accompanied by a chorus, who remind him that even the longest night is followed by sunrise. The character-driven number bemoans the troubles of a monarch and his worst enemy: his internal doubts and conflicts. Alan Menken composed the regal melody and Tim Rice wrote the incisive lyric. Sherman for the adventure film In Search of the Castaways The search party has survived a flash flood by taking refuge in a tree, and the next morning Professor Jacques Paganel Maurice Chevalier and Mary Grant Hayley Mills look on the bright side of life and sing the cheerful ditty as they prepare a breakfast made from leaves, eggs, fish, and other natural ingredients.

    As the Ark of the Covenant is brought into the city of Jerusalem, the crowd sings this Middle Eastern—flavored number. Alan Menken wrote the vibrant music and Tim Rice penned the lyric, which is inspired by Psalm Alan Menken music and Stephen Schwartz lyric wrote the pop number about everyone believing that fairytale endings are possible, and it is sung on the soundtrack by Carrie Underwood at the end of the film in which each of the characters is seen enjoying just such a happy ending.

    The number was recorded by Jordan Pruitt. The charlatan salesman Dr. Terminus Jim Dale and his sidekick, Hoagy Red Buttons , have discovered the dragon Elliott and plot to capture him and sell his body parts as miracle cures. The two crooks sing of each anatomical part and the remedy it will bring, the list growing faster and more furious as the song progresses. In the Egyptian wing of a modern museum, the statue of the princess Amneris Sherie Rene Scott comes to life and sings of the many kinds of love stories over the centuries.

    When she begins to tell a story of two lovers in the land of pharaohs, the museum disappears and the story begins.

    How the SAS defied orders to launch the most audacious rescue of the Iraq war

    Elton John music and Tim Rice lyrics wrote the haunting number, which is reprised at the end of the musical when the scene shifts back to the museum. During one of the animated Uncle Remus tales, Brer Rabbit voice of Johnny Lee , captured by Brer Fox and Brer Bear and about to be cooked, happily sings about his secret laughing place. Jamie Houston wrote the ballad, which is sung by estranged teenage sweethearts Troy Zac Efron and Gabriella Vanessa Anne Hudgens when they are reunited on stage during the summer talent show. Songwriter Harwell sings the deprecating tongue-in-cheek song, which looks upon super powers as just an everyday thing, over the final credits of the movie.

    Even the seemingly most useless of things have a purpose, the song argues, even if that usefulness is nonsensical to the normal brain. Although it runs only seventy-five minutes, Alice in Wonderland has more songs than any other Disney animated film. When the itinerant sailor Popeye Robin Williams arrives in the town of Sweethaven looking for his long-lost Pappy, he goes into a local restaurant where the patrons and the staff sing about the importance food has in their lives.

    Among the patrons is the always-broke Wimpy Paul Dooley , who punctuates the song with his attempts to get a hamburger on credit. Selena Gomez, who plays the daughter, Alex, in the series, sings the pop song about illusions and dreams on the soundtrack during the opening credits. Galasso , everyone sings this happy number about how nothing can be amiss now that they are all together again.

    The adult Tarzan Josh Strickland encounters a vision of himself as a child Daniel Manche or Alex Rutherford who is wondering what kind of creature he is. The ape Kala Merle Dandridge has revealed to the adult Tarzan who he really is and how she found him, and he is torn between his feelings for his ape family and his newfound human existence. He comes to the conclusion that he is indeed a man and must pattern his future after that fact. Collins made an effective solo recording of the ballad.

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    The jumping sequence climaxes as the Paris townhouse where the jam session is taking place collapses from all the jubilant music.