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Its ethos is galvanised by their strong shared vision: to only release music that truly touches your soul and makes you want to dance, to embrace all styles and shades of house and techno and avoid releasing the same sounds time-after-time-after-time-after-time….

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Music like these label launch tracks. Three in total, each one designed for a different chapter of the night. Restrained but loaded with emotion, whether it's a warm-up or end-of-night shade of poignancy, it will touch hearts with authenticity.

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The type of rolling, jacking, sub-loaded, funk-coded techno that's sounded great since either Oxia or Nicolas began their lives as professionals, it's an instant heads-down moment when the night is in full throe, the dancefloor's white flag is waving and minds are slowly being cleared of the day-to-day detritus we all carry around too much.

Finally we hit 'Take It Back'. A much more tech-edged cut led by a com-manding, hypnotising vocal sample and rasping, electrified bass, it's tai-lored for much darker chapters of the night as the gears crunch mischievously up the scale and the lights dip lower… And lower… And lower. Echoing all the traits and sonic signatures we've come to expect from the pair over their combined 40 years of releases, all three cuts offer something completely different, fresh, exciting and open for all styles of house and techno DJ.

Well… They didn't call the label Diversions for nothing. Up to 20 alphanumeric characters. Rule Type. Membership or VIP type rule.

Godmanstone village roadworks create 41-mile diversion

Target Room. Pseudo room to which postings will be diverted for the rule. Unique sequence number that determines the priority this transaction diversion rule has when determining which pseudo room the charges will be diverted to if the same transaction code is attached to a membership rule and a VIP rule, both of which apply to the same reservation. To create a new transaction diversion rule, select the New button. To modify an existing transaction diversion rule, highlight your choice and select the Edit button.

Art of Noise - Beat Box (All Diversions)

Enter a unique code that identifies the transaction diversion rule. Select the down arrow to choose Membership or VIP , depending on the type of rule you want to create. A membership type rule will apply only if the selected membership type and, level, if you specify a membership level is attached to the reservation.

Membership Type. Available if Membership is selected for the Rule Type. Select the down arrow to choose from a list of membership types for the property.

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Membership Level. Available if Membership is selected for the Rule Type and the Membership Type is configured with levels. Select the down arrow to choose a membership level from the list of membership levels for the selected membership type. Select the down arrow to choose from a list of VIP levels for the property. Transaction Codes. Select the down arrow to choose transaction codes to be covered by this transaction diversion rule.

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  8. The list of transaction codes does not include package wrapper transaction codes, generate transaction codes, package profit and package loss transaction codes, and internal OPERA transaction codes. Select the down arrow to choose the pseudo room to which postings for this transaction diversion rule will be diverted.

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    Enter a unique sequence number that determines the priority this transaction diversion rule has when OPERA must decide which pseudo room charges will be diverted to in the event that the same transaction code is attached to a membership rule and a VIP rule, both of which apply to the same reservation.

    A record having the following format is entered into the User Activity Log under the Posting Activity Group for diverted transactions. Transaction Diversion. When transaction diversion applies to a reservation, transaction diversion rules will be applied to postings before routing. When generates such as taxes apply to a charge made to a reservation, and that charge is covered by transaction diversion, the generates will be diverted to the applicable pseudo room along with the charge to the main transaction code.

    Routing codes will NOT be displayed here for selection. It is not recommended that transaction codes that are defined for package elements be selected for transaction diversion rules.