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I did some underlining for easy reference later on.

Nov 11, Steven R. This book is a very important collection in this day and age. And thought it was not written as a specific book by Fulton Sheen, for it is a compilation taken four separate books by Sheen. Now I have known the name Fulton Sheen for many years, but for some reason or another, other than excerpts in anthologies it was only this year that I started reading his books.

It really is a deep regret that I did not try reading This book is a very important collection in this day and age. It really is a deep regret that I did not try reading his books earlier, for at the moment I have about 5 of them in my to be read pile. In the introduction Trent Beattie, writes about the power that Sheen's writings had on his life and the reasons he made this compilation. Beattie states: "The first was to let go of the idea that happiness is to be found in things outside oneself. Happiness does not depend on accumulating more things, but on the mindset we have concerning the things we already do possess.

Happiness does not consist in having more, but in appreciating more. As Sheen wrote, "It is not so much what happens in your life that matters; it is rather how you react to it. I had a discussion about this book with a friend. He wanted me to summarize the book.

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I started that true happiness is found if being content with what you have, but working towards become the best version of yourself. Not comparing ourselves to others, not comparing our possessions, bank accounts … but comparing ourselves to who we were yesterday and the day before and the day before that. The book helps us really look at where we put our hope and our joy the book helps us learn to focus on personal growth.

The focus in not on the external but on the internal. The chapters in this book are: Introduction 1. Finding Perfect Happiness 2. Philosophy of Pleasure 3. Silence 4. Repose 5. Self-Inflation 6. Egotism: The Enemy of Inner Peace 7. Desire 8. Sadness 9. Moods Mental Cases are Increasing Loneliness Truth: Forgotten Ideal Patience Contentment Joy First it is so accessible.

It is not a massive theological treatise, it is written in language that is easy to comprehend and it is written in a very engaging and personable manner. Also at the end of each chapter is an offer, most are a book that will go deeper into the theme of that chapter. Of the books recommended I have read half and had 2 of the others already in my to be read list.

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And of course this book has motivated me to read even more Sheen and sooner rather than later. This book is an amazing read. And with the length I know I will be going back and reading it again. The message is so important, and to be honest in this day and age needed even more than ever before.

How many people in this day and age look for fulfillment, and happiness, in things, possessions, in other people? When in reality as Sheen shows us throughout this book, I happiness needs to come from our relationship with God, our personal growth and how we respond to things and situations, not in the things and situations themselves.

I know a dozen people without even giving it a thought that could greatly benefit from reading this book based on their current life situation. It is an excellent read that I highly recommend.

I enjoyed this thoroughly. Each excerpt touches on some aspect of spirituality, and how it relates to serenity and peace. It is a light read and very accessible. It makes me want to explore more of his writings. The late Archbishop Sheen has such a beautiful gift for presenting sound Christian doctrine to the general population. The advice he gives in this particular book is very practical and peoples of all faith can find wisdom in them.

Jun 05, Kimberly Poquiz rated it it was amazing. Easy read and very insightful. Sep 18, Sonia rated it it was amazing. Very inspirational Mar 05, William rated it really liked it. Slim volume. Packed with wisdom. Could be read again and again. Much needed messages for today Simple yet profound! Thought-provoking truths to reflect on and pray about. A book I will return to again and again. Dec 27, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: catholicism-faith-saints.

He has a way to tell a story that makes it real. Mar 21, Maria rated it really liked it.

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It was very interesting reading about what this person says how you can find happiness. Oct 14, Therese May rated it really liked it Shelves: books , christian , m-library , thought-provoking.

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This book was a delightful little book. The chapters were short, which was nice. You could just read a little chapter a day to reflect on and try to implement into your life. Fulton Sheen is truly a mastermind of the faith. He understand everything it would seem I have yet to read, or hear, anything by him that was not so full of knowledge and wisdom it left you nodding you head like a bobble head or speechless in astonishment. I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to find true This book was a delightful little book.

I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking to find true happiness Jul 09, Tom rated it liked it. While I do not know if I would go out of my way to pick up a copy of this book. If it happens to cross your path, I would recommend reading it. Apr 24, Julie rated it really liked it. This book was given out at church and is beneficial to anyone no matter what your religion or even if you have no religion.

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  7. It is just a reminder to be content and not greedy, to listen and not be boastful, to have patience and not always rush, to have joy and not moodiness, to take time for leisure activities and not always work to get more, more, more. There are many more very simple lessons that can go a long ways in anyone's life. A very short 78 pages. View 2 comments. Apr 24, Flora rated it it was amazing. This book is for everyone!

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    It is easy to read and as usual, has some wonderful stories shared by the great Fulton Sheen! What a little gem of a book and one who will remain on my shelf to be read and re-read! Fulton Sheen is good for a boost of spiritual Vitamin C and antioxidants to keep one on a healthy journey! Love him! Jul 18, Elisabeth Wilkes rated it it was amazing. A wonderful introduction to this man that I cannot wait to become a saint. If you want to get a taster of his philosophy before you get into his meatier books, this is a great way to start.

    May 07, Kristi rated it it was amazing.

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    I think this book could be for everyone. Full of quick lessons and insights and thoughts on things we all think about Happiness vs. I really liked reading it and will definitely refer back to it again. Nov 20, Darcy Maggio rated it really liked it.